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Lawyer Steve Graham Aggressively Protects Your Rights Lawyer Steve Graham Aggressively Protects Your Rights

A criminal arrest and the prospect of jail time can represent a low point in anyone's life. You face restrictions on your freedom, separation from your family and an uncertain future.

You may still have time to avoid the harsh penalties that accompany a conviction for a serious criminal offense. The law offices of Steve Graham can help.  

Prior to founding his own criminal defense law firm, attorney Steve Graham worked as an elected  prosecutor. He knows how opposing counsel thinks. He anticipates and frustrates prosecutors' strategies with timely tactics of his own, on your behalf.

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor, a major felony or drunk driving, Steve Graham can assist you in navigating the criminal court system. His reputation for hard work and positive results for his clients is widely recognized throughout Eastern Washington.  His insights into the criminal justice system are followed by many in Steve Graham's blog.  Steve Graham was rated one of Spokane's top five criminal lawyers by the magazine Spokane - Couer d'Alene Living.

This is your chance to work directly with a former prosecutor and preserve your freedom. Contact the law office of Steve Graham to secure a free initial consultation. If you call or e-mail from a police station or jail, attorney Graham can arrange to meet with you there.

The phone number for his law office is 509-252-9167.


As your lawyer, Steve Graham will aggressively protect your rights when you have been arrested for:

Drug charges — such as possession or sales, delivery, trafficking, importation, cultivation or manufacture of marijuana or other drugs

Assault — simple or aggravated assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking or any other violent felony or misdemeanor

White collar crime — including theft and embezzlement, extortion, money laundering, RICO violations, forgery, identity theft, shoplifting or any of the many categories of fraud

DUI/DWI — drunk driving, underage drinking, breath test refusal, driving without a license or with a suspended or revoked license

In drug cases, criminal attorney Graham carefully scrutinizes police arrest procedures for any sign of illegal search and seizure. In DUI matters, he casts doubt on the "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause" that police had for stopping you — and questions the validity of field sobriety and breath test results.  Whether in Spokane, Lincoln, Stevens, Grant County or elsewhere, Steve Graham will give you a top level defense for the best outcome possible.

Criminal lawyer Steve Graham explores every avenue that could result in reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. In every challenge he takes on, he strives to restore your freedom, driving privileges and personal reputation.

With Law Offices in Republic and Spokane to Serve You Better

Contact a skilled Spokane criminal defense attorney by phone, e-mail or fax. Your initial consultation with his law firm is free of charge.

Areas where Mr. Graham practices: The Superior and District Courts of Spokane County, WA; Okanogan County; Ferry County; Republic WA; Stevens County; Colville WA; Lincoln County; Davenport WA, Cheney WA; Grant County; Ephrata WA; Moses Lake; Adams County; Ritzville WA; Nespelem; Pullman WA, Colfax WA, Whitman County, Newport, WA, Pend Orielle County, and Colville Tribal Court.

Please visit Steve Graham's most recent blog post on Ignition Interlock in Washington.  The ignition interlock is being required for more and more offenses, but it gives many drivers the opportunity to avoid having their license revoked or suspended. The device allows many people in rural areas the opportunity to continue their driving and maintain their livelihood.

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