Have You Been in a Fender-Bender? Read this Before You Do Anything Else

Auto accidents disrupt the lives of many people in a wide variety of ways. Not only do they abruptly change the lives of accident injury victims, but they also can impact entire families when serious injuries or a fatality occurs. Lives change at a moment's notice, and not just emotionally. Financial damage commonly ensues following the fact when families are denied a livelihood because of injured parents.

Likewise, it is even more detrimental to individuals and families where multiple parties are seriously injured. The results of a seemingly "harmless" wreck can last for many years and are often a turning point in the lives of the victims. The chaos and confusion can leave all involved parties not knowing exactly what to do after the mishap. This is exactly the time when it is imperative to contact an auto accident attorney immediately and let them take control of the situation as soon as possible. Strong evidence is vital in an auto accident, and it can evaporate quickly in the wrong scenario. 

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The submission of all auto accident insurance claims begins a process that is standard protocol for the insurance company. All claims are the same essentially, and some can be avoided when the insurance company can divert responsibility. This is true even in no-fault states like Florida because the personal injury protection minimum is only $10,000 (which can easily be reached with a medical bill for even a nominal injury).

The pursuit of further damages requires the case facts to meet a certain standard regarding the extent of injuries. This juncture is actually where having experienced representation is so important, as all insurance companies will deny a claim without the potential of a valid legal action. 

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While many people injured in an accident take any offer that seems reasonable if it will help avoid paying an attorney, studies have shown that injured parties who do retain an experienced auto accident attorney who understands how to craft a solid case for maximum damages receive up to three times as much as those who represent themselves. Proving an accident case under Florida law can be a complicated legal task, which is another reason it is vital to have solid representation when seeking whole damages.

Accidents that involve drunk driving and other forms of highway recklessness can also result in punitive damages when the facts are particularly egregious. Individual assets can also be pursued when damages total an amount beyond the available coverage in situations of gross negligence, which always requires the expertise of an experienced Florida accident attorney.

Car accident injury claims are commonly more valuable than the injured victims realize, but the only way of being properly compensated for all injuries in an equitable amount is by retaining an auto accident attorney with a strong track record of results for their clients. The attorney you choose can matter greatly.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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