Can Stress and Anxiety Qualify as Damages in a Personal Injury Claim?

Can Stress and Anxiety Qualify as Damages in a Personal Injury Claim?

When you've been injured in an accident of any kind, the mental stress and anxiety you suffer can, in some ways, be worse than your physical injuries. Mental anguish can be debilitating and can cause as much harm to your happiness as almost any physical injury.

Dealing with a lawsuit can heap more stress on top of the enormous pile you're already dealing with, and stress is not good for your health. But a personal injury attorney can help take some of those servings of worry off your plate by helping you file your personal injury claim.

Your attorney can pursue compensation for the mental anguish you've suffered as a result of your accident.

Mental Stress and Anxiety as Non-Economic Damages

In most cases, your mental anguish will actually fall under the category of non-economic damages. These are damages that don't directly impact your financial wellbeing but still have effects on your life.

These types of damages might not be as easy to place a value on as financial losses like medical bills and missed income, but your injury attorney will know how to correctly assess the impact stress and anxiety have had on you.

Other non-economic damages that could be added to your claim include the following:

  • Your physical pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Reduced quality of life

Stress and Anxiety as a Medical Diagnosis

You might not realize that mental stress and anxiety can actually be medical diagnoses, especially if you've never suffered from anxiety before. For example, if your doctor diagnoses you with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after your accident, that is a medical diagnosis that implies mental anguish.

PTSD is a severe mental response to a traumatic event. You might be experiencing overwhelming fears regarding your traumatic accident, you may have recurring dreams about your experience, or you might become fearful or nervous when anything reminds you of your accident.

Many other medical diagnoses for anxiety could be related to your accident. If they were documented as such, actual treatment for your mental suffering would be recorded under your monetary damages, just as any other medical expense would be.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of the kind of personal injury claim you are filing, whether you were in a car accident or you suffered a fall at work, you can receive compensation for the mental stress and anxiety related to your accident.

A personal injury lawyer with David Christensen Law would be happy to discuss the details of your case with you, as well as what damages you qualify for. Call us at 248-213-4900 or visit us at our website.
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