Common Injuries at Work


Workstations are supposed to be safe areas where employees can perform their job obligations without disruptions or any threat to their safety or well being. The employers are required by law to ensure the safety of their workstations and the failure to uphold this standard usually attracts huge penalties such as having their operating licenses revoked. To prevent this from happening, employers have taken the necessary steps to keep their workstations as safe as possible. They have put up signs in their offices to warn workers that certain areas should not be accessed as they may not be safe. They have equipped their workers with safety gear such as helmets, overalls, and gloves to protect them as they go about their duties. These efforts, however, have not been enough to make workstations accident-free and this article takes a look at some of the injuries that happen at work as a result of the accidents.

1.Slip and fall injuries.

Slip and fall injuries are very common at work. They are common in offices just as they are in construction sites and factories. Slip and fall injuries are caused by torn carpets in the workstations, poorly arranged desks and office furniture as well as wet floors. Slips and falls in the office may result in minor injuries or serious ones such as a concussion when a worker falls and hits his or her head on the floor or walls in the office. Workers who suffer such injuries at work are entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries. The employers should help the injured workers with their compensation claims and if they notice that employers are reluctant to do so, the injured worker should hire a personal injury lawyer to help with the case. Click here to find a lawyer for your personal injury claim.

2.Muscular strains.

Workers also suffer muscular strains as they go about their activities at work. Spending an entire day seated at a desk causes muscular strains and office workers should avoid it as much as possible. They should take regular breaks and walk around as they do some stretching. Lifting and carrying heavy loads is another cause of muscular strains at work. Those who work in construction sites are at risk of such injuries and they can be avoided by only lifting what one can carry.

3.Head injuries.

Head injuries are also common in most workstations. Head injuries can happen when a worker slips and hits his head on the work or against stationery items in the office. They can also happen when items fall and hit someone on the head. Books and files placed on shelves may fall on workers as they are going about their duties and injure them on the head. To avoid this from happening, shelves in the office should be arranged and secured properly so as not to fall on the workers and injure them. Head injuries can be quite fatal and the employer and other employees in the office should make sure that injured workers get quick medical attention.

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