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5 Myths About Car Accidents and Compensations

5 Myths About Car Accidents and Compensations

No matter how it happens, a car accident that results in injuries is a frightening event. Most drivers feel frustrated and confused after such an accident. It could be a daunting task to deal with the insurance companies and other drivers involved. Myths about compensation and vehicle accidents make the things even worse.

You should be aware of those myths in order to separate the true facts from fiction. That's why we have tackled 5 most common myths about car accidents.

Myth #1: I can easily settle with the insurance company and responsible driver without an attorney.

Remember that every insurance company that defends claims against its policyholders works it to obtain premiums rather than paying victims. Most insurance companies attempt to rapidly settle with accident victims in order to reduce costs. That's because the victims are not yet aware of the full scope of their damages and injuries immediately after a car accident.

Do not accept an early low-ball settlement! Without a car accident lawyer, you are highly likely to get a far less compensation than you actually deserve.

Myth #2: The insurance company of another driver who is at fault will compensate me fairly.

If the accident occurred due to another driver's negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages. However, keep in mind that financial compensation is virtually never guaranteed or awarded automatically. The insurance company will put a lot of effort to dispute, deny, and underpay your claims by utilizing different tactics and resources. It's sad but true!

Myth #3: Regardless of the state, all car injury laws are the same.

Speaking of the United States, car accident laws and rates are different in each state since they are regulated by different state-owned agencies. For example, some states have at-fault insurance laws, while others apply no-fault laws. Likewise, it's necessary to buy an additional or supplemental liability insurance in some states, while others don't require it at all.

Myth #4: I can obtain compensation no matter I am partially at fault.

Even if you have 1% of contributory negligence, you will not be eligible to recover your damages. Contributory negligence has recently been removed in some states in cases that involve bicyclists and pedestrians injured by motor vehicles. However, it still applies to car collisions in all states.

You should never apologize and discuss fault after a vehicle accident. Other side doesn't have to know all the facts about a wreck.

Myth #5: I do not have any broken bone, so the injury will get better on its own.

If they don't have a life-threatening injury, many car accident victims believe that no medical treatment is necessary. Wrong! Even the minor back or neck injuries like strains and sprains can follow you throughout your life, if not properly treated on time. By refusing medical attention, you will not only endanger your health but also compromise your personal injury claim.

When insurance, financial needs, and legal issues become involved, car accident victims must know their rights and the real facts. This is where car accident lawyers come in! Visit tatelawoffices.com and find out how to maximize your financial compensation.

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