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Husband’s Opinion of Wife’s Friends May Influence Divorce Rate

Husband’s Opinion of Wife’s Friends May Influence Divorce Rate

Sometimes, divorce is inevitable, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. But a recent study linked divorce to something you might not have thought of before: what your spouse thinks about your friends.

The study looked at the relationships of 355 heterosexual couples. It was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Relationship Study Results

The results of the study were somewhat surprising. In white couples, if the husband disapproved of his wife's friends, the couple was likely bound for a divorce within the first year of the marriage. Regardless of race, if the husband perceived that the wife's friends were interfering in the relationship, the likelihood of divorce doubled.

On the other hand, what wives thought of their husbands' friends appeared to have less of an effect on the relationship status of the couple.

Causes of Divorce

While this study presented some potentially groundbreaking information, it's no secret that the causes of divorce can vary widely depending on the couple. Finances and infidelity often play much larger roles than opinions about spouses' friends in couples' decisions to untie the knot.

If either party feels like someone is interfering—whether it's friends, in-laws, or others—it can take its toll on the relationship. And the divorce process can be overwhelming for everyone involved, no matter what the cause of the divorce happens to be.

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