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Legal Directory helping you search legal help and advice through state wise listing of lawyers and attorneys listed in professional categories.

Download uncontested divorce form, legal name change form, last will and testament forms, power of attorney form, auto - boat bill of sale form, residential lease form, partnership agreement form, promissory note form, living will form, prenuptial agreeme ...

Resource for free legal forms and contracts with additional guidelines for their use. Agreements included are for employment, general contractors, parental consent, real estate, power of attorney, bill of sale and wills.

Offers trademark registration and protection services in Benelux, Europe. Also provides registration and protection services for patents, designs, copyrights

Pass the Patent Bar Exam in 12 weeks or less quickly and easily with a home study review course.

Net Lawman Ireland is now providing legal documents, legal drafting service, legal advice etc. on Ireland jurisdiction in simple English with reasonable price so buy download and customize

The Defense Base Act Blog deals with the legal aspects of the Defense Base Act Extension to the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. The Defense Base Act applies to U.S. contractors injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world. We rep ...

Free Legal Information & Resources on Laws, Lawyers and Attorneys. We provide constant updates with links to legal news and other news reports and commentaries.