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If you get into an automobile accident and get seriously injured, it can be extremely stressful if you have to take...
If you get into an automobile accident and get seriously injured, it can be extremely stressful if you have to take time off work to recover and to attend medical appointments for treatment. On top of that, the party at-fault must be determined.

Here are the procedural steps you should take if you’ve gotten in an accident:

Ensure safety

The first thing you must do is to observe the injuries of those in the vehicle and to move the vehicle to a safe place on the road. Look for signs of whiplash, broken bones, lacerations and risk of head, neck or back injuries. If possible, move your vehicle out of traffic. Assess the damage and take photos.

Call an Ambulance if Needed

If necessary, call 911 to have a medical emergency response team dispatched so that they can provide first aid treatment. If it isn’t necessary, be sure to visit your family physician for an assessment as soon as possible following the collision.

Call the Police

When police are at the scene of a collision, they can help to ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe. They will take witness statements, document the facts, and lay charges is necessary.

Take photos

Get photos as soon as possible following the accident. If it’s safe to do so, take them before moving the vehicles to the side of the road. The pictures will serve as evidence in your case.

Exchange Insurance Information

You have an obligation to exchange insurance information with the other party involved in the accident. Get photos of the other driver’s licence, as well as their insurance policy. If phone numbers are exchanged, call the number before leaving the scene to make sure that they gave you the correct number.

Follow up with Your Physician

Sometimes injuries from an automobile accident are not visible right away, and pain is not immediately felt. Visit your family physician and give them a detailed explanation of what happened and what you felt. Their initial analysis soon after the accident can be important and helpful later on.

Contact Your Automobile Insurance Provider
Your insurance provider should be notified of the accident so that they can begin making a claim.

Call a lawyer

If you have a lawyer read and assess your case, they can help to ensure you get the accident benefits and compensation that you are entitled to.
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